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You killed his brother, so he steals your shirt

Hello everyone! I know this blog hasn’t been active…I’m just finding it hard to update it frequently. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of Primeval posts around lately…

So anyway, this blog will stay here and I might update it once in a while, every month or so.

You can still find me at superfrown (for photography and k-pop and text posts), starsintheblackwind (for lotr, star trek, sleepy hollow, fringe, etc), or at any of my other blogs [here’s a list of them]

Like I said,this blog will stay here and I’ll probably be online once in a while; but not often. Love you guys, see you all whenever!

11/25 16:16


"I suppose a white wine spritzer’s out of the question?"

11/25 16:07
08/31 14:31


[2/25] Favorite Primeval Stills

08/31 14:30


Primeval Meme 2.0

[1/1] Leader - Jennifer Lewis

08/31 14:29


[3/25] Favorite Primeval Stills

08/31 14:28


For PrimevalFanNo1 Many thanks for the wonderful bday wishes. :) 

08/31 14:28
08/31 14:27

Danny Themed Week!
Reason #486 Primeval UK should be brought back: Because he’s not afraid to try new things!

08/31 14:26